Discolored Carpet Restoration

There are a variety of causes that can be the culprit making the yellow stains appear in your carpets. The common place for stains are the heat sources like the fireplace and open flame cooking as the embers emit residues that can affect the carpet. Stains on the carpet are the side effect from animal urines and common juices that have splatter in the carpets.

Carpets with stain are mostly treated with the acid rinse procedures. Carpets that have undergone acid rinsing tend to change in color due to the chemical reaction. Our carpet cleaners can restore your faded carpets to their natural color after the restoration treatment through our tools and procedures.

Your carpets will be free from the most stubborn and fade patches once treated by our carpet masters. By providing the best methods to address your carpet issues, we can guarantee you that we will give you more that what you pay for.

Feel free to contact us if you a need of removing stains visible on your carpets. We are more that willing to be in your aid anytime.

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